I Hope They've Got My Size!

This weekend, shortly after the 100 days until Japan countdown began, the Cambridgeshire Unit will be looking forward to starting to see the spoils of their hard work and fundraising efforts as their Jamboree Kit for their trip is distributed.


This comes shortly after the delivery of all of the Unit members Jamboree Unit jumpers. As boxes stack high in a Scout Hut within the county full of the kit, the excitement continues to build as Mark Royle describes,

"This is such a great way to kick off the 100 Days Countdown, first the jumpers arriving and now the UK Contingent kit as well, but the excitement they feel now, is a fraction of how they will feel when they start packing to go!"

When the Scouts receive their Kit from the distribution this weekend, they will be seeing this kit for the first time, and give them a good idea of how many swaps and gifts they might be able to take to form as many friendships as they can while they are there. There are even a few added extras as gifts from the Unit leadership team to get their swaps kit started!

As the Unit jumpers were designed by the Unit members themselves, they are more than happy with the product of their efforts, and they can be seen sporting them on the recent weekend away to Snowdonia. So, as you go about your scouting in Cambridgeshire and you see these fantastic jumpers, ask if you can buy a badge from them, as with less than 100 days to go, your time is running out to get one!