Japan in the Box

With just over 5 months to go until the Jamboree Unit from Cambridgeshire jet off to Japan for a week of culture and life changing experiences, the unit are trying to share a bit more of this culture with as many groups as possible before they go.


As many of you are aware, the unit have been going round the county in full force delivering exciting programmes and international experiences to all the sections.

If you weren't aware of this, now's your chance to enhance your international programme and it allows us to get our story out and inspire your young people to take part in international activities, in this country and others!

We have a huge variety of activities in Japan in the box and so many goodies, half the fun is discovering what's in the box! Will Hewlett from St Neots managed to get all the sections in his group done in one week and said they all had fantastic fun! "from dressing up as sumo wrestlers in explorers to decorating noh masks in beavers, there's something for all ages!"

If you're interested in having activity run in your section, head to the national scout website, and book it into your section today!