HoHo Destination Released!

As if the Unit isn't already buzzing enough for their journey to Japan, the UK contingent dropped another bombshell on CambsWSJ's unit leaders this weekend at the unit leaders training weekend. They had planned to come away with lots of information, but nothing compared to this. 

Presented with a mysterious envelope labelled Unit 29, the Unit Leaders couldn't have begun to speculate what was held inside. Inside, was an invitation to the unit to go and stay with scouts from the prefectures (japanese counties) of Akita and Aomori on the northern side of the main Island of Japan. Spread across two prefectures, this will give the young people the exciting opportunity to see a huge variety of sceneries, ways of scouting, cultures and much much more! 

The HoHo experience is intended to allow the young people to explore the wider family of scouting and use it to extend their understanding of other cultures, and this simple piece of information has got the unit fired up to get there and begin their experience of a lifetime and share their culture with the Japanese as well as bringing some of the diverse culture of Japan home with them from this intimate experience of Japanese Scouting.