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What is Youth Involvement?

The Scout Association's vision for Youth Involvement:

"Scouting will be a movement that is truly youth focused, shaped by young people in partnership with adults. It will be a Movement where all young people are able to contribute to the running and shaping of all aspects of their Scouting journey and experiences."


The method of achieving this vision will reflect the age, maturity and ability of the young people concerned particularly those in the Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and the early part of the Scout Section.

Youth Involvement in Scouting is enabling young people to play an active part on the life of their section, their Movement and their community in the following ways:

  • Sharing their ideas
  • Learning from and teaching each other and adult
  • Taking part in decision-making
  • Assisting with planning
  • Becoming more involved

As you can see, this definition means that Youth Involvement touches on nearly every aspect of Scouting and if we truly expect Scouting to be shaped by young people it is likely that we shall have to work differently in the future both to obtain the ideas and more importantly to implement them with as much involvement by young people as possible.

For the purpose of this project "Youth" is defined as young people from the age of 6 and up to the age of 25.