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Skills of Management - SM1

Start Date:
Apr 7, 2018, 09:00
Finish date:
Apr 8, 2018, 16:00
1st Duxford Scout HQ
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Available seats:
17 of 24


 This is Part 1 of 3 Skill Courses for Management & Supporters Training

Part 1 Skills of Management    - 2 Day

Part 2 Achieving Growth          - 1 Day

Part 3 Meeting the Challenges - 1 Day

It is recommended that you attend the Skills of Management course before attending the remaining 2 Skill courses.

Part 1 Skills of Management - 10:30 duration over two days.

During the course we will be covering the following Key Messages:

  1. Different situations require different styles of leadership
  2. The style of leadership you adopt will effect your working relationship with others
  3. Your behaviour helps to set the tone for local Scouting
  4. It is important to remember that communication is two way
  5. Building and maintaining a network is a key part of and support for your role
  6. Using active listening skills effectively is essential
  7. Providing constructive feedback is essential in developing individuals and your team
  8. Effective reviews are essential tool in:
    1. motivating individuals & developing their potential
    2. creating & maintain effective teams
    3. help to prevent conflicts
  9. Balancing your team with the right people will help you carry out your role more effectively

The following Independent Learning Units are recommended as pre-course learning, if they are relevant to your role:

  • Managing Your Time & personal Skills
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Project Management
  • Getting the Word Out
  • Leading local Scouting
  • Finding, Appointing & Welcoming Volunteers
  • Keeping, Developing & Managing Volunteers
  • Supporting the Adult Training Scheme 

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