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Adult Support


This strand is headed up by Colin Daniels in his role as ACC (Adult Support) and provides practical support to Districts and Groups through various specific roles and support personnel, these being:


Special Needs

For all aspects of additional needs support from how to deal with challenging behaviour to help with setting up an additional needs section please contact Caroline Spaxman who is our County Advisor for Special Needs. She has a vast amount of experience in working with both young people and adults who have additional needs and/or disabilities, as such, no question is too big or small. 
As a County we want to highlight the great work already being done in this area as well as provide tailored support and guidance to enable Scouting to be offered to more individuals regardless of their needs.

Safeguarding Awareness

For all aspects of support and information regarding Safeguarding awareness from practical advice as to how to ensure the safety of our young people and adults to what resources are available for our leaders and parents the please contact Sue Best who is the County Advisor (Safeguarding) and our County Safeguarding Co-ordinator. Please note that all safeguarding issues or incidents should still be reported through your GSL or DC.

Adult Awards

For all aspects of support in applying for adult awards or for nominating leaders for the various awards then please contact Tony Rogers, County Advisor for Adult Awards.

Tony chairs the County's Adult Awards Advisory Panel.  

The principle role of this panel is to

  • Consider and review nominations from Groups and Districts to ensure all relevant details are provided and to forward these to the County Commissioner for approval and submission to the HQ Awards Board.
  • Ensure consistency in the citations and suggest changes as appropriate.  To assist in writing citations where necessary.
  • Make recommendations to the County Commissioner for awards for County members, ie those with County appointments, and to consider recommending awards for members with Group and District appointments if appropriate.




For all aspects of support and information concerning anything that is connected to safety of our young people and buildings etc from event risk assessments to building inspection reports and fire risk assessments then contact Rod Glen who is the County's Advisor (Safety)


For all aspects of on the ground support to Districts and Groups through the co-ordination of local Scout Active Support Units. At the moment we have a vacancy for this role so you should contact Colin Daniels if you require that extra bit of support for an event or an activity.

CSASU (First Aid)

For First Aid support within the County providing cover at County, District or local events contact Gordon McMillan, County Scout Active Support Unit Manager (First Aid).

For First Aid Training, both First Response and British Red Cross 16hr Practical First Aid Courses, for both Leaders and Explorer Scouts/Network either view the training dates or contact Brian Richmond (County Training Manager).

Adult Support Team

Colin Daniels
County Adult Support Manager
Rikki Bilverstone
Rod Glen
Safety Advisor
Sue Best
County Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Tony Best
ACC Activities and MAPS
Tony Rogers
Chair, County Awards Panel
Caroline Spaxman
County Advisor - Special Needs
Gordon McMillan
County Scout Active Support Unit Manager - First Aid