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  • Media and Communications
  • Youth Programme
    • Adventurous Activities

      These next pages give fun, challenging, adventurous, exhilarating Activities and some have an element of controlled risk.

      Activities, can be character building and teach team spirit. Every Scout should be given the chance to try one or more adventurous activities.

      The primary role of the County activities team is to support the provision of activities, enabling young people to take part in adventure and challenge themselves, whist making sure this is done safely & within the rules of UK Scouting. With the correct equipment, instruction and leadership these can become very enjoyable activities. Within Cambridgeshire, teams exist to teach many aspects of Land Activities to both Young Persons and to Adults.

      The Activities team is headed up by Tony Best, as ACC Activities. Within his role, Tony manages all the activity instructors and assessors for the County. Tony is the right person to go to for advice on anything to do with activities, camping permits and the rules that need to be followed when running or taking part in activities.

      • Land Activities

        Land Activities incorporates many Scout Activities that happen on or below the Land. The list includes, amongst other activities; Hillwalking, Scrambling, Rock climbing, Via Ferrata, Skiing, Snowboarding, Pot Holing, Caving, Mine Exploration, Abseiling and Glacier Exploration.

      • Water Activities

        Water Activities includes all those things that happen on or below the water. The list includes, among other things, Canoeing, Kayaking, Dinghy Sailing, Water Skiing, Keelboat Sailing, Pulling (rowing), Narrowboating, Bellboating, Windsurfing, Offshore Sailing, Sub Aqua, Whitewater Rafting, Floating Campsite, Powerboating, Dragon Boats, Raft Building, Jet Skiing.

      • Creative Activities

        Crafts; Gang Shows; Bands; Camp Fire Stunts

      • Activity Training

        Training and assessment courses for all adventurous activities as well as Outdoor First Aid training.

    • International
    • YIPEE

      Cambridgeshire Scouts aspire to be a movement shaped by young people in partnership with adults. Young people are already taking a greater role in decision-making locally and nationally, and have become the face and voice of Scouting. Our Young Leaders help to deliver great programmes across the County and our Young Spokespeople are working towards spreading the word about how great scouting is.

  • Adult Support


    This strand is headed up by Colin Daniels in his role as ACC (Adult Support) and provides practical support to Districts and Groups through various specific roles and support personnel, these being:


  • Development

    This strand is headed up by David Briston County Development Manager. The team provides practical support to Districts and Groups concerning all aspects of County Development. These include looking at Scouting Black Spots (lack of availability of local scouting) in the County to providing support to District Commissioners in the formation of new Groups and Sections and with adult recruitment.  Groups, Sections or Districts should use the Project Request form (here), for requesting assistance. David has a stock of County resources (link) which may be borrowed to help at locally run events.

    Development Projects Current Development Projects 2016    
  • Training

    This strand of the Support and Development team is led by Brian Richmond, County Training Manager.


  • Activities and Events

    Forum LinkThe Activities and Events team work with the County Deputy Commissioner John Wells to provide practical support for programme across the County. John has been busy building a new activities team who will work to support programme in line with the 2018 vision. In response to many requests from section leaders the activities team has prioritised a re-launch of county programme, bringing in some new ideas as well as reinstating some old favourites.

    This is the page to watch for notice of forthcoming events and details of how to book your places!

    Recent key team appointments are announced below. Along with these new County Assistant Commissioner roles we expect to appoint a number of County Section Leader and Adviser roles to work in a dynamic team. 

    Team members will welcome ideas for new events and activities as well as comments or suggestions for improvements on existing programme items.