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2nd Wisbech Orchards Now have Scouts!

Friday 7th of February at 5.00pm saw the start of 2nd Wisbech Orchards Scout Troop, as it opened for the first time. The event which cumulated in a mass making of the Scout Promise with the young people’s parents present, took place at Wisbech Orchards School.

The new Scout section has come about thanks to demands from the young people in this community area wanting to join in the fun and adventure which is already happening at Beavers and Cubs but they are too old. Scouts is aimed at young people aged 10-14 years.


There was a unique buzz of excitement from the new adult volunteers in the air as the newest youth members of Cambridgeshire Socuting started out for the first time on their adventures with a Winter Olympics Themed night. The activities based on Olympic inspired activities included, Ski Jump, Curling and Ice Hockey.

New Adult Volunteer and Scout Leader Laura Dear said “I started helping with the Groups Cub Pack and went along to the camp last summer and got hooked, it was so much fun, so much so that I wanted to be the leader in charge of Scouts. Scouting is a fantastic adventure and I have seen the difference it has made to the young people in the school who are members.”

Scouting at the Orchards School would not have been possible without the foresightedness of Head Teacher Nicola Parker. She said “the starting up of the Troop is the final piece in the Scouting family; it has been absolutely fantastic to see Scouts meeting at the School. With the Beavers and Cubs opening last year there has been a great excited buzz from the young people who attend.”

Scout Charlotte-Rose Warren said “I wanted Scouts to happen as I was told I was too old to join Cubs as I wanted to make new friends, try new things while experiencing an adventure. It is really great now we have Scouts and I am in Wolf Patrol”

Scout Pawel Kaluzny said “I was not in Cubs but Scouts is really fun and I am pleased to be here. I am really looking forward to the camp and experiencing life in tents”

The 2nd Wisbech Orchard Group has only been going for less than a year and it has been a unique experience in Scouting terms to have so many languages in every section. But this has only created a new challenge for the leaders and the benefits are there for all to be seen, in that Scouting makes a positive contribution to its local community.