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Revised Youth Programme (6 to 25 years)

For those of you that are not aware The Scout Association have spent the last 4 years consulting with over 12,000 members as to how the current youth programme is working and what changes our members would like to see to it to reflect the needs of today's young people and the communities that they live in. The results are now in and the revised programme is due to be launched to us all at the end of this month so watch out for the various communications.

This is not a new programme but a refresh of the current programme with more emphasis on outdoors, team work and challenges including:

  • Outdoor & Adventure will form 50% of the programme for each section,
  • The programme should be shaped by young people in partnership with adults;
  • A focus on teamwork and leadership skills amongst young people, not just roles;
  • Increased focus on community and the impact Scouting can have;
  • Promoting individual personal development, and individual challenges, as well as participation Supporting leaders and making the programme easier for them to deliver and inclusive for all;
  • Progression through the sections remains a key aspect of the programme;
  • All young people to strive and have the opportunity to achieve the top award for the section.

The revised programme has a number of new badges and badge criterias with also a number of the existing badges being discontinued. Although the launch takes place this month we have until September 2015 to transfer over to the new programme although existing resources are not likely to be stocked (as they run out of stock) by Scout Shops during this period instead they will be stocking the new resources in their place.

As part of the revised programme The Scout Association have also refreshed the sectional brands. The revised brands have been taken from designs conceived from various cross country workshops involving young people as well as adults to ensure that they are now clearly part of a wider single family.

I will be asking District badge secretaries to co-ordinate with each other to ensure that the old programme badges are transferred across the County to where they are required to try an allieviate vast stocks of discontinued badges/awards which will need to be written off after September.

For more information on the proposed launch and an overview of the new badges and resources link through to