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County Events 2015

The County activities team have been working hard over the past few months to put together a whole new schedule of events for all of the sections in the County. To help you to continue the good work that you are doing in enabling the transfer of our younger members from their current section to their next one we have scheduled some "Link" events which are aimed at the transition ages within the relevant sections.

Bookings for these events will be via our Cambridgeshire website early in the New Year, so watch out for details in "ShoutOut". The cost, as always will be kept as low as possible.

The County activities team are looking for more adults to help with one or more of the events listed and if you feel that you can help in anyway then please contact Elaine Chamberlain. As you know the more adults that we have to help makes it far easier on those which have already committed to provide these additional activities and events for your young people.