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Toys for Smiles - Dec 2013

Project Update December 2013

Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan shelters more than 130,000 Syrian refugees of which over 60,000 are children.

A few weeks ago I advertised some information about this appeal around the county and would like to place this again, and share with you the progress this project has made.

On Christmas Eve, December 2013 I have received a copy of an email from Andrej Mahecic – Senior External Relations Officer from UNHCR, London that the toys had arrived and were being distributed to the children. Later that day a News Release and video provided by Andy Needham from the Za`atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. The full report and video, together with many photos, are available on the UNHCR website and that of the Scout and Guide Fellowship.


Our thanks go to all who contributed to this achievement in fulfilling phase 1 of our original objective.

We now move to Phase 2 when we hope to despatch a further consignment of toys at the end of January 2014

On Boxing Day another email was received from Mida Rodrigues, Chairman of the World Committee of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship, saying,

“Congratulations on your fantastic Project and the smiles you gave to the children that have nothing ….Your sense of SERVICE gave a quick answer to what we needed and I am sure now the smiles on each of the Children’s faces will be a great comfort and reward to you all. On behalf of the ISGF, thank you for your great example.”

Added thanks must also go to the Partners who have helped us so far, UNHCR, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, Aviation without Borders and for the grant from ISTAT and transport provided by the GIST Foundation.

Not of course, forgetting all those who donated toys to this appeal.

Please continue your support and I look forward in receiving toys for our next phase,

Please contact
Rikki Bilverstone (local Coordinator)
1. Woodlands Court
PE13 3SD Tel: 01945 580602 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To meet the cost of transportation of these boxes from the UK to Jordan, we ask for a small donation of £5 per box. This will help go some way to meeting the full cost of transportation.

Should you have any questions about the Project, please contact the coordinator anytime.