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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Section Leaders D of E

Section Leaders - Have you been asked by a young person if they can help you run your Section as part of their D of E Award? If so, there are a few important facts that you should know and it is worth checking that the D of E Award potential volunteers are aware of Scouting’s requirements before they start.


What they should know:

  • ALL D of E Volunteers have to complete Module A training within three months of starting.
  • They are required to complete another 2 hours of training at each level.
  • Bronze Award– 3 months involvement but they can opt to complete 6 months (recommended)
  • Silver Award – 6 months if Bronze holder otherwise 12 months
  • Gold Award – 12 months if Silver holder otherwise 18 months
  • At least 1 hour a week or 2 hours a fortnight attendance for the volunteering period

What you should know:

  • They must be between 14 and 18.
  • They are not Explorer Scouts, do not wear uniform, make the Promise, pay subscriptions or are counted on the Census.
  • They are insured by the Award Scheme as long as they are registered with the Award Scheme and the District ESL(YL). Therefore, they MUST be registered with the ESL(YL).
  • At the end of their service period, DofE Volunteers must leave the Section or become
  • Explorer Scouts to continue as YLs.
  • They should not be left unsupervised when working with young people
  • They are part of the Section leadership team and should be included in any decision making and programme planning.
  • They are however, still under-18 and must be have separate accommodation when on expeditions or sleepovers and are still covered by the Child Protection Policy.

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