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Introduction to Beavers


For boys and girls aged 6 - 8

'The best thing we did was swim in the rain. I wasn't even sure we were allowed to, but it was brilliant! I mean we were wet anyway, so I guess it didn't matter too much about the weather.'

Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of the Scouting family. Their activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and most importantly, making new friends.

Children join a Beaver Scout Colony for many reasons. It might be they have heard great things from their friends about all the things your Colony gets up to every week. Perhaps parents or carers are keen for them to join. Whatever their reasons, whether or not they stay will be down to you and your team, and the weekly programme you provide.



Have you met Baden Bear? Have you seen him on your travels? 

Baden Bear Duxford


Baden Bear likes to make new friends and catch up with old ones, he also likes to go to Beaver events, sleepovers and camps.

He is a well behaved Beaver that has earned an amazing 50+ nights away, various activity badges and loves to attach them to his uniform and camp blanket. 

If you would like to meet Baden Bear, why not see if he would like to come and join in the fun, click the link below to send him a message.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beaver Events

Beavers News

Beavers in Tents 2016

Nearly 50 Beavers camping in tents in one field over two nights might sound like a logistical headache for some, but for a small group of volunteers at the Copley Scouting Centre in St Ives this weekend it was a challenge they relished.


Beavers 30th Anniversary Badge


The Cambridgeshire 30th Anniversary badge is now available to order.

Please download the form from here:

  pdf 30th Anniversary Badge Order form (161 KB)

Being a Leader is fun and rewarding

Being a Beaver leader is great fun but also very rewarding. Its a great way of teaching the children skills they may not necessarily learn in school.



Beavers Take Flight to Duxford

Early October, nearly 350 Beavers and Adults from across Cambridgeshire spread their wings and took flight to Duxford helping them achieve stage 2 of their Air Activities badge.